Artist Statement

Artist Statement 

Using elements of magic, horror, and nature study to tell stories through writing, I play with the alchemy of a simpler lifestyle long since devalued by modernity to question our coherence with the natural world. The ability to craft narratives and embed deeper meaning within language is the most defining trait of humankind; myths, legends, and dreams will always resonate within the larger cultural ethos. By writing fiction, I contribute to the world’s infinite mythology.

Largely inspired by the communities of exploration in Alaska during the 1970s, I draw from connections to this movement of extreme naturalism. By gathering the stories of my grandfathers and grandmothers who helped build community in Fairbanks, Alaska, I gain a better understanding of my particular relationship with the natural world. Alongside this, I study writings and ethnographic texts that I consider to contain strong narration, such as the folklores of Native Alaskans and the novels of Stephen King or Margaret Atwood.

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The deep love I have for nature has lead me to learn about plants and their various uses. I enjoy harvesting local plants to make dye baths, bundle dyeing, or leaving the photographic shadows of leaves and blossoms through the cyanotype process. In binding plants with textiles, fabric, books, and dolls can be produced. In all my fiber work, the labor of fingers, needles, and thread can be found; the residue of nature supplies the meaning–the magic.

My illustrations are directly related to the places I go. They are a form of travel documentation and most often depict the natural environment that surrounds me. At times, these images will intersect with my interest in narrative, and such moments result in comics and mythological illustrations, rather than scientific, observation-based images. 


Currently, I make handmade dolls and draw with the intention of becoming a tattoo artist.