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Elizabeth van Lent is an artist from Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2017, van Lent graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving a Bachelor in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Writing.


Artist Statement

Observing the natural world while maintaining an awareness of mythology brings out the magic of everyday life. This is profoundly noticeable in Alaska, my home state. Alaska; where I can study the relationship between humankind and Nature, which in turn helps me to discover, acknowledge, and understand my place in this world.

It is my intention to connect with the community of Alaska through my work by sharing personal representations of the animals and plants that are so integral to this place, lifestyle, and identity. Through these organisms, Alaskans are connected. And it is because Alaska is a place of community, nature, and possibility that work such as mine is embraced. Here, I am a part of a cycle of giving: giving art, giving thanks, and giving connection.

The minutiae of all living things reveal themselves through ink. In my work, an extreme amount of detail and texture are represented in the flora and fauna depicted. Through this close examination of my subject, I honor the complexities of life. The simplicity of a single medium, Sumi ink on Bristol paper, and mostly monochromatic images work together to balance the extreme process of observation, study, and rendering that forms my practice and results in scientific illustrations with a touch of mysticism.

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